Lawn Treatments

Lawn Treatments

Spray Tech Solutions’ lawn care program has been specifically designed for southeastern Idaho lawns. We offer an affordable 4 step program that includes a premium blend of fertilizers and a professional grade weed control to help you get the lawn you desire. We use high quality slow release fertilizers that are long lasting. We also include many beneficial microbes and organic material to improve soil quality, reduce dry spots, and help keep soil from becoming hard.


In order to have a green, healthy lawn, fertilization is a necessity. Spray Tech Solutions uses professional quality fertilizers that are made from organic compounds. We use slow release fertilizer in our products to get a longer lasting effect with our treatments. Southeast Idaho lawns need around 3 to 4 pounds of nitrogen per 1000 sq. ft. This means in order to maintain and keep your lawn healthy and green we recommend 4 treatments. A proper fertilization program will also help with reducing weeds from coming back and be more disease resistant.

Weed Control

Weeds are unsightly and compete with your grass for nutrients and water. Spray Tech Solutions includes weed control with every treatment of the 4 step program. We use preemergence and postemergence methods to help get the best control of invasive weeds in Idaho. Our preemergent also helps control Crabgrass and is applied early in the season.

New Lawn Establishment

We offer an affordable and great way of getting a great looking lawn, without having to spend the price of sod or hydroseeding. Sod on average costs around 21 cents a sq. ft if you are installing yourself and hydroseeding costs around 7 to 9 cents a sq. ft. We use a premium grade seed blend that consists of Kentucky Bluegrass and Rye. Our grass seed is individually coated to help it be drought resistant so we can plant even in the hotter times of the month. The seed we use is also disease resistant and able to withstand heavy foot traffic. New lawn planting starts around 4 cents a sq. ft for any lawn over 10,000 sq. ft which is around $400.

Additional Services

Outside of our 4 step program we also offer additional treatments for lawns. Grub control and insect damage to lawns are common in Idaho. We offer preventive treatments early in the year for lawns that have experienced grubs in past seasons. We also offer disease control and soil revitalizer treatments.

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They are awesome! I had a lot of clover and dandelion in my yard. After they came it was gone. My lawn is the best I have ever seen it! They are fantastic!


Awesome service! Great communication of terms and the process. Top notch results!


Talk about service!!! We had a few areas of weeds in the back we forgot to mention needed sprayed and they came right back out free of charge and sprayed everything for us. If you are not using these guys for your lawn care needs you should be.


Spray Tech Solutions is hands down the best yard service we've ever had. Our yard has never looked so good and we saw the difference in appearance, weeds dying off (even the ones that didn't before) and water absorption. Not only that, but Jake is great at communicating and is here when he says he will be. It doesn't get much better than that! We are very pleased! Thanks Spray Tech!


Okay guys highly recommend spray tech solutions with Jake he was right on time and did an awesome job! He even went the extra mile! Thanks sooo much!


My lawn looks better than it has in years. It looks like you got most of the clover and all the broadleaf weeds. Thanks for your quality service.


Our yard hasn’t looked this good in years! Thanks!

Cathy Jo

Spray Tech Solutions is fantastic to work with. Jake is extremely knowledgeable and helped us understand why our lawn never seemed green like others. The company is very responsive and affordable. We would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone needing lawn and pest control services!


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