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Have a question for Spray Tech? See our frequently asked questions and our answers to them so you know when to have one of our employees come out and what to do before we come. If you have any other questions, call us at 208-690-4044 or fill out the form below.

Our goal is for you to have a healthy lawn that looks great. We guarantee customer satisfaction with all our services and will work personally with you and with any concerns you may have about your lawn. Spray Tech Solutions’ employees are professional applicators that are licensed by the state of Idaho to apply the chemicals and fertilizers to your lawn. We do not only care about fertilizing and spraying your lawn for weeds, but we will also help with identifying other problems to insure you have a healthy, green lawn. All of our employees have been trained to identify weeds and diagnose problems that you may encounter in your lawn. We also give advice on mowing, watering, and insect and pest control that may affect the health of your lawn. We care about our loyal customers and realize that many lawn and pest control services don’t provide benefits for those loyal customers. When you sign up for our gold package lawn care, we will also do a free ph soil test to make sure the ph level is optimal for grass growth as well as a free pre-emergent for crab grass. Spray Tech Solutions is here to provide a solution to your lawn and pest control needs.

We recommend that you do not mow your grass 24 hours before or after we visit. Weeds need to be actively growing to get the best results from weed control. If you cut your weeds right before or after we spray, it can affect the growing stage of the plants so they do not absorb the chemicals effectively. Also many of the chemicals or fertilizers that we apply to your lawn need to be watered in to be effective. Mowing can also suck up fertilization granulars that have not been watered in. It is also important to note that many lawn grasses are healthiest when mowed at a length of 2.5 to 3 inches.

By making sure you lawn gets adequate amount of fertilization, one can experience the many benefits of a healthy lawn. These benefits include preventing weeds, lawn diseases, and even save you money and get you a great looking lawn that adds curb appeal to your home. Southeast Idaho lawns need four macronutrients that are found in our fertilizers. The fertilizers that we use have been specifically made to make sure your lawn gets the right amount of these macronutrients. These macronutrients help with having a green lawn, strong root system, and build a tolerance to diseases and drought that Idaho lawns are acceptable to. Nitrogen is one of the most important macronutrients for your lawn. Southeast Idaho lawns need 3-5 pounds of nitrogen a year. However, if too much nitrogen is applied at once you can damage your lawn. Our specifically designed 4 step program, is designed to help Southeast Idaho lawns get the nutrients they need without harming your lawn and fertilizing at the right times to make sure you have a healthy and green lawn. One of the best preventative measure against undesired weeds in your lawn is by having a healthy lawn with a strong root system. A healthy lawn with a strong root system helps crowd out undesired weeds and prevent seeds from germinating.

Spray Tech Solutions will make sure that weed control is applied at the right times to make sure you have the best chance for reducing weeds in your lawn. Many people want to spray as their lawns as soon as the snow melts and the air starts to warm up. However, this early spraying for post weed control is not very effective. Early spring is a great time for fertilizing and using pre-emergents. This is due to the cold nights still preventing many weeds from actively growing. To receive best results from many post emergent herbicides, weeds need to be actively growing and temperatures need to be optimal for the weeds to be growing.

There are several reasons as why you should care about spraying and getting rid of your weeds. Many counties have laws placed that make it illegal if you have weeds growing in excess of certain heights. Bonneville county for example has a law in place that require all weeds to be kept under 10 inches. Instead of always worrying about trimming weeds along property edges and in undesired places, spraying makes it an easy and affordable way to stay on top of undesired growth of vegetation around your property. Spraying for weeds also allow desired plants to grow and to thrive. Pre-emergents prevents weeds from ever coming up. Weeds also can create a fire hazard, and thus by keeping up on unwanted fees you can reduce this hazard as well. We offer complete vegetation control as well as an 8-month pre-emergent control.

Crabgrass is an annual grass, which means it dies each year. However, each individual crabgrass plant can produce up to 150000 seeds and this is why it spreads each year and takes over more and more of your lawn. But they won’t germinate until the following season. Crab grass often grows best between June and August and dies in October. Although crab grass is an undesirable course bladed grass it is treatable. Once crab grass is established in your lawn, there is not a lot you can do to get rid of it effectively. For best results a well timed pre-emergent will be the best preventative measure against crab grass. Our gold plan package offers crab grass pre-emergent to reduce its presence in your lawn

Many residents of Southeast Idaho have trees growing around their property. Trees offer many benefits to land owners. They add beauty to your property, they provide shade and cool your lawn and house, they clean the air, provide fruit, and they can conserve energy and water. However, an unhealthy tree can be costly and may take many years to replace if you have to cut down and replant. The removal of a tree could cost you hundreds of dollars and if it is infected by insects or by a disease, it can spread to other trees as well. Spray Tech Solutions offer several services for trees to help you enjoy them to the fullest and to keep them healthy. We offer dormant oil sprays to choke out wintering insects, insecticides to kill aphids, scale and other insects, fruit tree sprays, and root feeding. Not only do your trees benefit from us treating them, but you do as well. Spraying your trees can help reduce the amount of bugs and insects around your property as well as produce healthy fruit that is less prone to insect damage.

As experienced licensed applicators, we can help identify pest and select best method to help you have a pest free home. Our services are affordable and we guarantee customer satisfaction. You don’t need to worry about storing potentially harmful chemicals around children and pets. The products we use are practically harmless around pets and children when following instruction of certified technician. By signing up for our elite pest control service, you can be guaranteed a pest free home year around. We use professional chemicals that provide long lasting residual. We also do a free 30 day follow up to make sure pests are being controlled and to break up the egg cycle. We also offer an exterior pest control to add a level of protection around the foundation of your house.

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